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New building and a new Proa for 2008

Fundación Proa announces the temporary closure of its doors to the public so as to set in motion the expansion and re-opening of its renewed building in La Boca.

The project and management of the works is carried out by the Caruso-Torricella studio from Milan, the same studio that ten years ago transformed the old building into an iconic landmark for contemporary art in Buenos Aires.

The staff has temporarily moved to new headquarters. A space for communication and work, our website provides information on the activities we keep on carrying out and also about the development of the architectural project and its execution. You can get in touch with us through our new phone number 4104-1000, or via e-mail

The new building is the result of a profound reflection on currently debated concepts about the idea of a space for art and/or a museum. The architectural proposal suggests a dialogue between the theoretical framework and the action scheme that Fundación Proa is committed to developing in the forthcoming years. The outcome renders a building where the old engages in dialogue with the new technologies, where all the updated elements for artistic experimentation are made available to artists, and where new areas for reflection and art training programmes are open. The aim is to conceive a place for artists, connoisseurs and producers as well as for the public at large, adults and children.

Located in one of the oldest and most characteristic neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires, Fundación Proa also proposes a dialogue between architecture and urbanism, the old and the contemporary, the inside and the outside. It will be an open and transparent place which will relate to the unique and characteristic surroundings of La Boca neighbourhood.

With these concepts in mind we get updated, we introduce ourselves again looking ahead with an enriched programme of proposals for exhibitions, conferences and video installations.

The new building

After having the approval of the government of the city of Buenos Aires, Fundación Proa started with the remodelling works in its headquarters in the neighbourhood of La Boca. The project envisages the expansion of its facilities, incorporating the two adjoining houses, and the refurbishing of the equipment in general, with the addition of new services.

When the work is completed, Proa will have four exhibition rooms in all. Besides, there will be new amenities for the visitors, such as a specialized library, a café on the rooftop to experience new views of the city and a façade that will make the communication of experiences from the inside to the neighbourhood possible. Finally, an auditorium will be added to present movies and contemporary art-video, and conferences.

The project is based on the integration and fusion of the old and the new, of memory and technology. This choice is absolutely in keeping with the specific role of a contemporary art centre, a public building with a strong vocation for contemporaneity and experimentation.

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