18.09.12 - Education

International Seminar Art and Social Integration II

1, 2 y 3 October 2012
Auditorium Fundación Proa

The Picasso Museum from Málaga, Fundación Cisneros and Fundación Proa present the International Seminar ¨Art and Social Integration II¨, with the objective of continuing and deepening the critical spirit of the first edition held in the Picasso Museum in September 2011.
This edition takes place on 1, 2 and 3 October in the Auditorium of Fundación Proa. This time, the proposal is enriched by incorporating “EN RED“,  A one day conference of linkage and projects consultancy, on October 4, an optional day dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of projects, in collaboration with Fundación TyPA.

A unique opportunity to share and reflect with distinguished artists, researchers, educators and cultural managers from the top international institutions about the connection between artistic practices and the communites in Europe, USA and South America.

The seminar brings the debate to the complex territory where theory and practice meet, discussing and nourishing each other, creating a space of infinite creativity. Governments, institutions and artists rethink concepts, generating methodological tools and designing art projects that reflect and respond to issues in today’s world: life in the big cities and their peripheries, economic crises, migration, cultural diversity, the dissolution of established social bonds and the search for a sustainable world.

The contributions of constructivist theories of education, Urban pedagogy, Education through Art and the civil rights enrich the analysis from an interdisciplinary perspective. While, original projects designed for specific contexts challenge this concepts from the practice field.

Participating institutions:  Fundación Cisneros – Fundación Proa - Inhotim Brazil - MoMA New York - Picasso Museum - Tate Modern

Speakers: Américo Castilla - Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez - Pia Landro - Rafael Emilio Yunén

Artists and projects: a77 /  Centro Cultural Nómade (Argentina) - Fernanda Laguna y Mariela Scafati / Escuela de belleza y felicidad (Argentina) - Fundación ph15 (Argentina) - Marina de Caro / Artistas en disponibilidad, Bienal del Mercosur (Brasil) - mARTadero (Bolivia ) - Más Arte Más Acción (Colombia) - Ministerio de Cultura - Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Areas of Work:

1- Discussion about the terms “social integration” and “art”

2- Methodologies, monitoring and evaluation of projects

3- Difficulties analysis and possible solutions



EN RED”,  A one day conference of linkage and projects consultancy (optional activity)

October 4, 2012
Auditorium of Fundación Proa

In the context of the International Seminar ¨Art and Social Integration II, Fundación TyPA  and Fundación Proa will organize a day of intensive practical work, with the goal of building a network of collaboration and resource sharing; bringing together creative management tools that will help to realize projects in the best possible way. The workshop is addressed to participants who develop projects that promote social inclusion through art and that wish to receive expert advice and connection with colleagues.

For further information and enrollment:
Download the registration form and send it to coloquio@proa.org.

Open enrollment until September 21st.

The participants
Museo Picasso de Málaga:

- José Lebrero Stals
- Lucía Vázquez

Fundación Cisneros:

- María del Carmen González

- Luis Camnitzer

Fundación Proa:

- Paulina Guarnieri

Inhotim (Brasil):

- María Eugenia Salcedo Repoles

Museum of Modern Art, MoMA (EEUU):

- Juliet Kinchin

Tate Modern (Reino Unido):
- Walney Virgilio
- Synthia Griffin

- Américo Castilla
- María de los Ángeles González
- Pía Landro
- Rafael Emilio Yunén

Artists and projects:

Artistas en disponibilidad, Bienal del Mercosur (Brasil):
- Marina de Caro

Centro Cultural Nómade (Argentina):
- Gustavo Diéguez y Lucas Gilardi / Estudio a77

Centro Cultural mARTadero (Bolivia):

- Claudia Andrea Michel Flores

Escuela Belleza y Felicidad (Argentina):

- Fernanda Laguna
- Mariela Scafati

Fundación ph15 (Argentina):
- Moira Rubio Brennan y Miriam Priotti

Más Arte Más Acción (Colombia):
- Silvia Ojeda

Ministerio de Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Argentina):
- Silvia Pritz
- Valeria Kovadloff