August 26th - December 3rd, 2023

From August 26th until the upcoming November, a collection of works by prominent contemporary Argentine artists is being presented at Fundación Proa. Curated by critic and historian Rodrigo Alonso, the exhibition brings together pieces by Andrés Aizicovich, Sergio Avello, Elena Dahn, Iara Freiberg, Mauro Giaconi, Silvia Gurfein, Alicia Herrero, La Chola Poblete, Analía Sabán, Mariela Scafati, Alan Martín Segal, Juan Sorrentino, Amparo Viau, and Dolores Zinny & Juan Maidagan.

"Conjectures. Exploring Art Today" is an invitation to delve into artistic speculation and visual discovery. Through a variety of mediums and styles, the works comprising the exhibition offer an interpretation of the present, exploring themes ranging from identity and politics to the environment, culture, and tradition. "The exhibition proposes interactions between the works of different contemporary Argentine artists, sketching a possible panorama. It presents pieces by Argentine artists living abroad - who create in other cultural environments - alongside artists producing in the local context. The 'conjectural' approach aims to verify the extent to which we recognize ourselves in this variety of creations," explains Alonso.

Arranged in the exhibition space, the selected works maintain a fluid and cross-cutting dialogue, which, unintentionally (or intentionally), resonates with the complexities of a world in a constant state of conjecture. Throughout the journey through the rooms, artists and spectators invariably encounter questions and uncertainties, with no certainties about the future.

With the sponsorship of Tenaris - Ternium, the exhibition "Conjectures. Exploring Art Today" is complemented by educational tools such as gallery videos, texts, and an extensive public program with pedagogical activities organized by the Education Department of Fundación Proa, with the aim of delving into the themes proposed in the exhibition and contemporary artistic production.


Rodrigo Alonso

General Coordination
Cecilia Jaime – Mayra Zolezzi

Organized by
Fundación Proa

Sponsored by
Tenaris – Ternium

Image Design
Mila Fiuza – Guillermo Goldschmidt

Exhibition Design
Pablo Zaefferer

Teresa Gowland

Jorge Pastorino

Ananda Rigoni Aller

Marina Gambier – Ana Clara Giannini – Alba Rodríguez Arranz

Public Programs
Rosario García Martínez

Noemí Aira

Sonia Gugolj – Melina Herrero – Pilar Victorio

Installation Team
Florencia Cassini – Javier Ferrante – Santiago Migliavacca – David Pinzón Müller – Leonardo Toresín – Nicolás Valverde – Paula Varetti



Andrés Aizicovich
Sergio Avello
Elena Dahn
Iara Freiberg
Mauro Giaconi
Silvia Gurfein
Alicia Herrero
La Chola Poblete
Analía Sabán
Mariela Scafati
Alan Martín Segal
Juan Sorrentino
Amparo Viau
Dolores Zinny & Juan Maidagán

Works providers 
Los artistas y Familia Avello
Sprüth Magers, Berlín

Special thanks
Victoria Bassetti
Macarena Boiani
Magui Castaño
Carla Colombo
Galería Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo, México
Galería Nora Fisch, Buenos Aires
Galería Grasa, Buenos Aires
Galería Tanya Bonakdar, Nueva York
Camilo Guinot
Lola González
Diana Grieco
Herlitzka & Co., Buenos Aires
Benjamín Lallier
Elías Leiro
Matías Miranda
Emiliano Miliyo
Sol Mollo
Leopoldo Mones Cazón
Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires
Pasto Galería, Buenos Aires
Revolver Galería, Buenos Aires
Santiago Rey
SMOL. Cámara de proyectos
Eric Sauerhering
Jordan Strafer
Francisco Tripodi
Taller Yerua
Mateo van Thienen Lalys