• Aranda | Cruzvillegas | Lozano-Hemmer | Ortega

    June 29th, 2024 - September, 2024
    Organized by: Fundación Proa

    Sponsored by: Tenaris - Ternium

    Focusing on large-scale works, four contemporary Mexican artists offer a unique spatial and sensorial experience. The pieces of these outstanding artists explore diverse materialities and media, and challenge contemporary aesthetic conventions. Julieta Aranda presents a video installation that gravitates around the complex link between humanity, Earth and technology; Damián Ortega reflects on the deconstruction of industrial objects and processes through an iconic work; Rafael Lozano-Hemmer invites the audience to participate with an installation centered on voice and light; and Abraham Cruzvillegas exhibits performative works that dismantle everyday objects and processes with cleverness and humor. This group of works defies the limits of time and scale, and invites the viewer to actively participate, turning the experience into an interactive and enriching process.

  • PROA21 | Ctedra Saltzman. Exhibicin de proyectos

    June 29th - August 2024
    Organized by
    Sponsored by: Tecpetrol

    Over the years, there has been a very fluid dialogue between the Clothing Design Chair and Proa. The annual fashion show editions have given life to a creative and joint collaboration. On this occasion, a series of graduation projects are presented in an exhibition to delve into the possibilities of contemporary design and art.