November 18, 2017 - February 25, 2018
    Sponsor: Embassy of Germany in Argentina 
    Curator: Marcello Dantas
    Main Sponsor: Tenaris - Techint Organization

    Ai Weiwei, activist and one of the most outstanding artists, today inaugurates in Proa Foundation an anthological exhibition with the most representative works of his works. A tour of pieces that evoke political persecution - constant in his life and work; allegations of violations of human rights; migrations and refugees, among other issues that motivate the historical review and contemporary debate.

    Objects, Installations, works in paper, Wallpapers, videos, and its cinematographic production, next to an active program of parallel activities, will construct the universe Ai Weiwei, one of the most representative of the present time.
  • Marcos Lpez, Picada en la terraza de Proa, 2005.
    Marcos Lpez, Picada en la terraza de Proa, 2005.

    Contradiction and Continuity: Photography Argentina 1850-2010

    March - May 2018
    Organized by The J. Paul Getty Museum
    Curator: Judy Keller, Idurre Alonso and Rodrigo Alonso
    Sponsors: Tenaris - Techint Organization

    A set of around 300 photographs throughout 200 years of history was the challenge that the curators of the Paul Getty Museum managed to unveil, bringing together an exhausted panorama of Argentine history, through photographic documentation and rescuing the talent of artists contemporaries.

    The exhibition examines the historical and political complexities in the country highlighting the heterogeneity of their realities, the creation of contradictory histories, and the power of the construction of images in the configuration of a national imaginary.