Organized by:
 Whitechapel Gallery, Londres - Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires
Sponsors: Tenaris - Ternium
September 9th - October, 2023

Artists’ Film International (AFI) is a collaborative project promoted by Whitechapel Gallery that since 2008 brings together around twenty institutions annually with the aim of presenting a multiplicity of cultures. The program presents a contemporary panorama of the multiple forms of audiovisual culture, exploring the limits of video art, artist film and exhibition cinema.

The selection is made based on a guiding theme, this year being the Diaspora. On this occasion, Fundación Proa presents the work A somatic play (Aduaneras), 2019, by Liv Schulman. This work is located in the current Mexico City, where borders no longer exist and are dispersed everywhere, creating cracks in the social and commercial fabric of the city. In the words of the artist: “A group of six customs agents played by the same actress are situated on these invisible borders that regulate the flows of anxiety, eroticism, languages, formal and informal commerce.”
The exhibition possibilities of each of the videos presented by institutions from various continents expand the complexity of experiences and create new possibilities in relation to video art. Proa chose for the 2023 edition, a cycle with presentations in the auditorium during XXX weekends


Jesse Chun - Ballroom Marfa, Texas (EE.UU.)
Dejan Kaludjerović - Kulturni centar Beograda (Centro Cultural de Belgrado), (Belgrado)
Michelle Deignan- Crawford Art Gallery, Cork (Irlanda)
Liv Schulman - Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Ottonella Mocellin, Nicola Pellegrini - Galleria D’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamo (Italia)
Sashko Protyah (Free Filmers collective)- Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (Polonia)
Adnan Softić,  Nina Softić- Neuer Berliner Kunstverein kunst forum (n.b.k.), Berlin (Alemania)
Mochu - Project 88, Mumbai (India)
Damir Avdagić- Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø (Noruega)
R.I.P. Germain - Whitechapel Gallery, Londres (Reino Unido)