Who we are
Environmental policy
August 2017

In Fundación Proa, we respect and take care of the environment, not only from our facilities but also from the premises spread to our public and community.

As environmental policy, we establish the constant implementation of good practices.

It is our aim to compromise with the new technologies and international resolutions that promote life quality improvements.

With an annual program of temporary exhibitions and the organization of seminars, courses, conferences and concerts, Fundación Proa is, from its beginnings, an essential reference point for the Arts in Buenos Aires.

Its program, which focuses on the promotion of the great artistic movements of the XX and XXIst. centuries, includes a wide variety of contemporary disciplines, including photography, cinema, design, electronic music, and the permanent launching of specialized projects throughout the year.

As a central part of its activities, Proa develops and promotes Educational projects and interchange programs with prestigious cultural institutions.

The 3-story building has four galleries, a multimedia auditorium, a specialized bookstore, a restaurant and a terrace, and offers several spaces designed for the action and interaction with the public and the local community; its landmark translucid façade also facilitates the communication of experiences from the interior to the exterior.

Fundación Proa, through the Education Department, develops and reinforces diverse activities with the community, seeking to integrate its projects with those of local schools and educational entities.

Proa is also in charge of the cultural program of Techint Organization (TO) on a global scale. With nearly 60.000 employees around the world, TO is the most important industrial group of Argentina.

Fundación Proa is a private art space that has the permanent support of Tenaris-Techint Organization, the world's largest manufacturer of seamless steel tubes.

Executive Committee
Founding Members
Paolo Rocca
Zulema Fernández
Adriana Rosenberg

Board of Directors
Adriana Rosenberg
Amílcar Romeo
Honorary Vice president
Carlos M. Franck
Vice president
Horacio de las Carreras
Pablo Bottega
Fernando Moreno

Adriana Rosenberg

Assistant to the President
Elizabeth Torres / direccion@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1028

Cecilia Jaime / cecilia@proa.org
Mayra Zolezzi / mayra@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1030 / 1048

Maite Paramio / prensa@proa.org
Sofía Mele / sofia@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1044 / +54 11 4104 1043

Contemporary Space
Santiago Bengolea / espaciocontemporaneo@proa.org
Renzo Longobucco / renzoproa21@proa.org

Exhibition Design
Pablo Zaefferer / pablo@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1034

Guillermo Goldschmidt / guillermo@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1026

Rosario García Martínez / rosario@proa.org
Noemí Aira / noemi@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1041

Sonia Gugolj
Melina Herrero
Pilar Victorio

Proa Cine / Proa Film Festival
Guillermo Goldschmidt / guillermo@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1026

Mirta Unger / Unger.Mirta@proa.org
Daniela Ruis / gerenciaproa@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1027 / 1033

Mirta Varela / mirta@proa.org
Mariángeles Garavano / mgaravano@proa.org
Stella Roizarena / stella@proa.org
+54 11 4104 1031 / 1032 / 1037

Reception Desk
Juan Pablo Mariano
+54 11 4104 1000 / 1001

Diego González Kehrig
Carlos Avila
+54 11 4104 1005

Jorge D'Agostini
+54 11 4104 1003

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