Air de Lyon, 2012 Program

Fundación Proa begins its annual season with Air de Lyon, in an attempt to connect a wide variety of contemporary art experiences and to contribute to the debate on the state of the art.

The first exhibition of the year, Air de Lyon, renews the power of its alma mater – the acclaimed 11th Biennale de Lyon - which took place from September to December 2011 –, curated by the Argentine curator Victoria Noorthoorn. If W. B. Yeats’s verse “A Terrible Beauty is Born” preannounced the importance of time in the Biennale, the same beauty is reflected in a new time, in Air de Lyon.

Works that were already shown in Lyon are exhibited together with site-specific works created for Proa’s spaces. Along with the presence of international and local artists, they bring a new Air into our “Buenos Aires”: a portion of contemporaneity with a focus on Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
Air de Lyon is made possible thanks to the collaboration of La Biennale de Lyon, the Mondriaan Foundation, the Embassy of France in Argentina, the Alliance Française of Buenos Aires, the Français Institute and Ternium Siderar – Organización Techint.

Since June 2012, Proa emphasizes on research, thus accounting for Brazil-Argentina relations in the 1960s as a vital moment for the arts in both countries. Politics, mass consumption and anti-institutional actions are some of the topics that organize Pop, Realisms and Politics. Brazil–Argentina, an exhibition curated by Paulo Herkenhoff and Rodrigo Alonso.

In October, the first South American retrospective of Alberto Giacometti, one of the most important artists of the 20th Century, presents more than 130 works from the Alberto and Annette Giacometti Foundation in Paris.

During the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (Bafici), ProaCine premieres in Argentina the documentary film Patience (After Sebald), directed by Grant Gee: a personal project inspired by W. G. Sebald’s novel The Rings of Saturn. ProaLiteratura invites Mario Bellatin for Filba, the International Festival of Literature in Buenos Aires. Finally, ProaMúsica presents a special program dedicated to the composer John Cage 100 years after his birth.

We welcome our visitors to the 2012 season and appreciate the permanent presence and contribution of the Organización Techint in the development of our cultural program.

Adriana Rosenberg

Curadora: Victoria Noorthoorn

Organización: Fundación Proa

Coordinación: Juliana Gontijo Departamento de Programación

Conservación: Pía Villaronga

Montaje:  Soledad Oliva
Pablo Zaefferer 
Departamento de Montaje

Montajistas: Esteban Campili Matías Dinenzon
Eduardo Gismondi 
Diego Mur
Walter Romano

Diseño:  Julián Gatto Departamento de Diseño

Educación: Paulina Guarnieri Rosario G. Martínez
Camila Villarruel
Departamento de Educación

Educadores: Pablo Fasce Agostina Gabanetta
Mariano Gilmore 
Mercedes Longo Brea

Colección Tetê Pachech
Galería Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo
Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona
Galería Jocelyn Wolff, París
Galería Meyer Riegger Karlsruhe, Berlín
Galería Peter Kilchmann, Zurich
Y los artistas

Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas
Claudia Friedli
Coby Reitsma
Frédérique Gautier
Galería Figge Von Rosen, Cologne, Berlín
Galería Luisa Strina, São Paulo
Galería Millan, São Paulo
Galería Polaris, París
Galería Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires
Geneviève Paire
Gonzalo Aguilar
Jolie Van Leeuwen
Karolina Barmuta
Sigismond de Vajay
Sylvie Burgat
Thierry Raspail

La Biennale de Lyon
Fundación Mondriaan
Embajada de Francia en Argentina
Alianza Francesa
Instituto Francés
Ternium Siderar - Organización Techint

Aire de Lyon

Con el auspicio de
Ternium Siderar