About The commisures of La Boca

Las comisuras de La Boca (The commissures of La Boca), an artistic proposal produced especially for the PROA Café, coordinated by Karina Granieri and Julia Masvernat.

Las comisuras de La Boca brings together a program of videos and interventions that unfold into images, texts, words, and investigations around the idea of nutrition. “But not only as alimentation, also as textile gestures: conversations, transmissions, memories, accidents, Pero no sólo en función de la alimentación, sino también como gestos textiles: conversaciones, transmisiones, recuerdos, accidentes, use value, cultural goods and exchanges”, explain the coordinators.

The project, which intercepts the space and creates playful and reflexive moments, consists in two stages, in the way of a work in progress. This first stage includes a series of videos projected in the PROA Café, and a performance by Gabriel Baggio on the renovated terrace. The videos are, for the most part, set in domestic environments in which the camera documents and exteriorizes and an interior language, a dialogical event.