Organization: Dia Center for the Artes, NY. -  Fundación Proa
Curator: Michael Govan
Sponsors: Siat - Siderca - Siderca Corporation - Organización Techint
October 5 - November 30, 1998



Although not always grouped within this classification, Dan Flavin is considered one of the founders of American Minimalist Art.
Flavin has been one of the first artists to pose a game, or concert - as the artist calls it - between the space that houses his works and the point or line of light. This game consists in the interrelationship among the following elements: space, natural light, electrical light and the changes brought about in "the look". Each of these components actively modifies the work in the course of time. His latest works approach him to Tatlin and Malevich, from whom he takes the use of corners and spots in order to house his works as well as his Constructivist arrangements. From this architectonic perspective, and against the artist's handicraft, - the materials used are industrial and made by technicians - he modifies the environment, based on the knowledge of the retinal possibilities of the human eye. Thus, each work introduces a new spatial reality as well as a new reality of the walls "painted with light".
The exhibition being shown at present, which introduces Dan Flavin's works for the first time in Argentina, is organized together with the Dia Center for the Arts, New York, which currently has the rights for the artist's patrimony.
The exhibition consists in a set of works made during the '63 and '80, built with fluorescent tubes. The director of the Dia Center, Michael Govan, in charge of the exhibition, is currently one of the most outstanding experts in the Flavin's work.
"Monuments for Vladimir Tatlin" is showed. These sculptures made of white fluorescent tubes are assembled so that they compose symmetric structures.
The dialog between natural and artificial light is attempted to show in this space.
"European Couples" is exhibited: coloured squares set face to face, the historical Diagonal of May 25th, the first of Flavin's works done with fluorescent light, as an homage to Matisse.
This exhibition was conceived and carried out together with the Dia Center for the Arts, coordinated by Arturo Carvajal. The Siat and Siderca Corporation, companies belonging to the Techint Organization, sponsor this exhibition.

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