This book is a special Proa Foundation issue for the exhibition Images of the Unconscious. An introduction of Adriana Rosenberg (President of the Foundation) opens this book that contains critical texts of Nise da Silveira (founder of the Images of the Unconscious Museum in Rio de Janeiro and "in memorian" curator of the exhibition) and of Luiz Carlos Mello (curator of the exhibition). The book ends with a biographical review and commentaries of the works of the five artists that were presented in Proa: Arthur Amora, Fernando Diniz, Raphael Domingues, Arthur Bispo do Rosario and Carlos Pertuis.

80 pages
22 x 15.5 cm
ISBN 987-96091-4-X



This catalogue, edited for the exhibitions "Imágenes del Inconsciente", presented at Fundación PROA; and "Arte Popular Brasilero", "Arte Contemporáneo Brasilero" and "Arte Barroco Brasilero" . This shows are all part of the great exhibition "Brasil+500Argentina Muestra del Redescubrimiento".

Along five chapters, covering each collection with more than 140 reproductions. A complete panorama of brazilian culture,reproductios of colorfull papier-mache masks of the popular art, and the wonderful barroque sculptures of "El Alejadinho"; from the last production of 13 contemporary artists, to the images of the unconscious, with works created by mentally ill interns at different hospitals. Each section includes introductive texts by curators and specialists.

176 pages
130 color reproductions
31 x 23 cm


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