Luisa Rabbia

For her first presentation in Argentina, Italian artist Luisa Rabbia presents two works in Fundación PROA, gallery 3. Curates in collaboration with Beatrice Merz, the exhibition evolves around two central works, consisting of a video and a wall installation,

With traveling as the main theme, the works take us through an intimate, imaginary and surreal journey.
The result is a sort of diary, a narrative that develops through a net of drawings: endless roots, fragments of the artist’s work and clips from her previous videos that are all like blood vessels of a life journey.

This project is a journey in the mid of life, where one day somehow follows the other, between sunrise and sunset; perhaps it’s part of a greater journey that starts with birth and ends with death…” (Luisa Rabbia)

The video Travels with Isabella, Travel Scrapbooks 1883/2008 was conceived during the artist’s residency at The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Luisa Rabbia was inspired by the photographs collected by Isabella Stewart Gardner (1840-1924), during her journey through China in 1883, to create an entrancing animated trail: a scenario of images from ancient China on which she composes her personal diary made of drawings, video footage from her previous works and works from the museum collection.

In the installation The following day, no one died, placed on one of the large walls of Fundación PROA, the porcelain marks interact with her father’s ECG as if extending the past into the present, to let that distant moment in time live on, the script of life…



Beatrice Merz

Fondazione Merz

Camila Jurado and the Exhibition production department

Sponsored by

Instituto Italiano de Cultura
Italian Embassy in Argentina

Tenaris / Ternium


Alejandra Seeber

Alejandra Seeber, Argentine artist residing in New York, presents two works with a common discourse. On one hand, a wallpaper mural located in Gallery 4. Muro O´reverie, made specially for PROA, grasp, through Seeber´s gestures, the history, the memory, and the value of the image in order to reconstruct a period, a character, and way of observing the world.

The work Dialogville, 2009 consitsts by groups of dialogue bubbles distributes in several places around the Foundation´s space, meeting points, unfinished conversations, interrupted dialogues.

This works, made specially by the artist for Fundación PROA, demonstrate in a clear and sintetic manner Seeber´s artistic universe, linked to memory, the rediscovery of painting and the subjectivity of images throughout history.

Tenaris - Ternium