The catalogue Algunos Artistas / 90 – HOY (Some Artists / 90 – TODAY) reconstructs a map of Argentine art from the last two decades. Through a group of texts that dialogues with reproductions of works on exhibit and important documentary photographs, we are drawn into a period that witnessed the birth of galleries geared to emerging art, new institutions, alternative spaces and interventions in public space and in the city’s architecture. The publication presents a visual overview of the period on the basis of works from the collections of Gustavo Bruzzone, Alejandro Ikonicoff and Esteban Tedesco.

A dossier of historical texts compiled by Cintia Mezza evidences the breadth of perspectives, the wealth of conceptions, and the debates that gave rise to new forms of artistic production. “Light art,” “pink art,” “guarango art,” young artist, curator, and cultural producer are some of concepts reflected in these texts.

A never-before-published essay by Rafael Cippolini eloquently introduces this historical moment, focusing on the networks of artists and theorists from a critical perspective.

Thanks to the reproductions of artworks, documentation, photographs, essays and historical texts it contains, this publication is one of the first to provide a comprehensive vision of art from recent years.

Texts: Rafael Cippolini / Cintia Mezza / Adriana Rosenberg

Documentation: Rodrigo Alonso / Hernán Ameijeiras / Carlos Basualdo / Miguel Briante / Rafael Cippolini / Andrea Giunta / Alberto Goldenstein / Valeria González / Jorge Gumier Maier / Inés Katzenstein / Adriana Lauria / Fabián Lebenglik / Jorge López Anaya / Daniel Molina / Elena Oliveras / Marcelo Pacheco / Pierre Restany / Victoria Verlichak


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