Algunos Artistas / 90 – HOY

Organiza: Fundación Proa
Colecciones: Gustavo Bruzzone - Esteban Tedesco - Alejandro Ikonicoff
Selección de obras: Rafael Cippolini - Ana Gallardo - Ceciclia Szalkowicz - Gaston Pérsico
Auspicia: Tenaris - Organización Techint
27 de Abril -  28 de Julio 2013


Starting on Saturday, April 27 at 5pm, Fundación Proa will present Some Artists / 90 – TODAY, an overview of Argentine art from 1990 to the present.

Theorist Rafael Cippolini has chosen a set of works from the Gustavo Bruzzone Collection that evidences the creativity and diversity of the artistic formulations that emerged during the nineties. The selection attests to the appearance of alternative spaces like Belleza y FelicidadLa Galería del RojasRamona magazine and other exponents of the various tendencies that characterized that decade. A sense of play and beauty, as well as a childlike quality, humor and irony give rise to this history of art, as does the use of objects taken from daily life as the material from which to make art.

The dawn of the 2000s witnessed large-format works that reflect that coherence and maturity of artists like Jorge Macchi, Pablo Siquier and Ernesto Ballesteros who had gotten their start in the 1990s. The works from this decade were selected by Ana Gallardo, an artist and an adviser to collector Esteban Tedesco. Her selection focuses on the early productions of artists like the Grupo de la X, Marina De Caro and Adrián Villar Rojas. The Tedesco Collection is marked by large-scale works and a breadth of rich materials; its holdings encompass the first decade of this century as well as new generations. Since works from different periods by some artists are found in more than one of these collections, it is possible to see how their art has evolved and developed over the years.

The present is represented by works from the Alejandro Ikonicoff Collection selected by artists Cecilia Szalkowickz and Gastón Pérsico. These works’ ethereal presence in the exhibition space, as well as their introspective and subtle nature, requires close observation of details. Photography and drawing are now common media, and there is an emphasis on paper in works like the ones Leopoldo Estol produced on advertising posters. The exhibition closes with an installation by Juliana Iriart, reconstructed here for the first time since 2006.

Some Artists makes reference to the historic exhibition curated by Jorge Gumier Maier in 1992 at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. In that show, Maier exhibited the group of artists clustered around the Rojas gallery: some artists, some works, their first and second steps; now, in Proa, the first and second steps of collectors. Hence, this exhibition formulates a dialogue of many voices—those of the artists and those of the collectors—to reconstruct a moment in recent art history.

Coordinated by Cintia Mezza, the catalogue Some Artists / 90 – TODAY brings together a selection of historical texts, never-before-published essays, photographic documentation as well as an outstanding reproductions of works on exhibit.

The many activities to take place in conjunction with the show are geared to revitalizing discussion about the period it encompasses. As part of the series Artists + Critics, every Saturday major players on the art scene during this period—curators, collectors, critics and the artists in the exhibition—will visit the galleries with the viewing public. The education program will organize guided tours, activities for schools and universities, as well as encounters with educators and institutions, all of which formulate a revision of some of the notions operative in contemporary art. On Proa TV, a wide range of opinions will be broadcast to give shape to a documentary archive of the period that includes the words of artists, collectors and critics.

Some Artists / 90 – TODAY is supported by Tenaris – Organización Techint; its concept, planning and production were developed by Fundación Proa.

Selección de obras
Rafael Cippolini. - Colección Bruzzone.
Ana Gallardo. - Colección Tedesco.
Gastón Pérsico y Cecilia Szalkowicz - Colección Ikonicoff.

Idea, proyecto y organización 
Fundación Proa

Dirección de proyecto 
Cintia Mezza

Cecilia Jaime

Diseño expositivo y gráfico 
SPIN, Londres
Fundación Proa

Pía Villaronga

Registro de colección
Roberto Macchiavelli. - Colección Bruzzone.
Ana Gallardo. - Colección Tedesco.
Luciana Zaglio y Victoria Ghergo. - Colección Ikonicoff.
Cecilia Iida.

Pablo Zaefferer.
Soledad Oliva.

Matías Dinenzon.
Marcela Galardi.
Alexis Minkiewicz.
 Diego Mur.
Marcela Oliva.
Jorge Opazo Ellicker.
Hernán Soriano.
Hernán Torres.
Nicolás Vasen.
Ezequiel Verona.

Fundación Espigas y su Centro de Documentación para las Artes Visuales en la Argentina.
Archivos de los coleccionistas y los artistas.

Paulina Guarnieri.
Rosario García Martínez.
Camila Villarruel.

Agostina Gabanetta.
Mariano Gilmore.
Mercedes Longo Brea.
Laia Ros Comerma.
Prensa: Andrés Herrera.
Alejandro Grimoldi.
Jésica Eberbach.

Tenaris - Organización Techint.