THE IMAGE, Reflex of reality? Photojournalism and media politics.

In the context of the exhibition "Exodus", The Freedom Forum and Proa Foundation organized the encounter "The image, a reflex of reality?" on tuesday 30 of January, at 11:00 AM.
The coordinator was Rosendo Fraga (Center of Studies for the New Majority) and the expounders were: Suzanne Bilello (The Freedom Forum Latin America Center); Pablo Guareschi and Dani Yaco (Clarín Newspaper), Héctor D’amico and Don Rypcka (La Nación Newspaper); Gonzalo Martínez and Sergio Kiernan (Página 12 Newspaper); Rafael Calviño (Veintitrés Magazine) and Osvaldo Bartucci (Argentinian Association of Graphic Reporters)
Some of the discussed topics were: the value of the image in the coverage of a fact; the image as historical document or as commodity; the policies of the media in relationship to the graphic journalism; the problems of the copyrights.the