"Cerdas" is the result of an investigation into sound art from the creation of scenic actions, where acoustic and electronic elements predominate, as well as the performers' performance. The hypothesis of the work is to provoke the overflow of sonic qualities and generate a strange aesthetic that activates new sensitivities in the public-sound relationship.

Ritual is the starting point of this investigation. It stems from the perception of the garden as a space where a portion of land is preserved as a sacred, ceremonial site. Accompanying this perception are a series of concepts that arise from the gesture of ritualizing: decelerationism; territorialization; the contemplative; the symbolic value of actions; the timeless aspect; and repetition.

The sonic exploration guiding the research for this piece aims to bring sound art into a performative and narrative situation.


Temporada Alta 24: “Cerdas”, interview to ARO







Created by
Merlina Leonixias
Daniel Bruno
Valentin Pelisch
Ina Morales

Ghost cello
Violeta Garcia

Costume design and realization
Blu Spinotti

Live video
Mecha MÍO

Assistant direction and production
Merlina Leonixias

Direction and production

Mariana Obersztern

Pilar Victorio, Renzo Longobucco, Gabriela Karasik, Santiago Bengolea, Carlos Nikias, Sebastian Godoy, Genosidra, Pablo Insurralde, Michelina Oviedo